Delay Coker Plant

US based Delayed Coker Plant:
Yield Improvement and Coke Reduction for Delayed Coker Unit.

ROI – 20% per year 5% GHS Intensity Reduction

Delay Coker Plant

Oil & Gas Utilities (Boiler)

A leading oil and gas plant – Optimized energy consumption and process efficiency & Improve blowdown efficiency.

ROI – Lower Boiler Efficiency leading EBITDA impacts of 5% to 7% and Carbon Footprint by 5%

Oil & Gas Utilities Boiler


A Global US based Chemical Manufacturer (Ethylene): Optimized energy consumption, process improvement

ROI – 20% per year CO2, SOX & NOX – 6% reduction



A leading Asphalt MFG company in US : Improve Efficiency, Costs and Energy Optimization

ROI – Improved Economic Efficiency and Reduced Costs by 18%-20%. GHG impact ~ 2-3%

Petro Chemical

Metals & Mining

Leading India based Aluminum Smelter Plant: Optimized energy consumption & Production Efficiency.

ROI – 37% per year Direct & Indirect CO2, PFC Emissions – 5%

Metals & Mining