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 Digital twin led solutions to impact the process, assets and user value chain enabled by iSense4i™ based intelligent insights 


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Connect, Detect and Predict to Maximize Performance!

LivNSense is a pioneering Industrial IoT & AI Platform led venture that serves the manufacturing and production industries, with a primary focus on continuous manufacturing Industry. Incubated in India with global aspiration by seasoned team of Technology Executives based out of Bangalore, India and USA in strategic collaboration with IoT ecosystem partners.


LivNSense offers an Industrial AI Platform with Digital Twins, iSense4i™ that addresses the key challenges of manufacturing industry to improve throughput, productivity and revenues while optimizing the costs.

iSense4i™ converts continuous and discrete process industries with standard OT/Electronic systems, into a Cognitive Living Equipment, thereby significantly lowering the Cost of operations, Improving Safety and Reducing the energy consumption & carbon footprint The platform is enabler for the “Factory of Future” by optimizing the production processes, improving quality and asset uptime with “Safety First” approach. The ROI can be delivered within 3 months.

A sneak peek at our solutions

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WELDSENSE is aimed at helping the industries move from an ‘automation centric production’ to a ‘knowledge-centric production’. WELDSENSE creates value through machine learning insights – insight into WPS compliant welding quality, production/efficiency, personnel qualifications, consumables, and much more.

Leading to higher throughput and energy optimization

iSense4i™ led Real time monitoring of plant performance, process optimization and predictive maintenance of Steam, Coker and Electric Furnaces with predictive and prescriptive analysis into equipments reliability, performance and plant performance.

CoVIPS™ an AI Based Predictive Safety Platform for COVID-19 prevention to help businesses RESTART with comprehensive COVID-19 safety control and compliance.

Securing workplace and employees, integration of business processes ensuring privacy and security controls.

VICAS  is a Safety led comprehensive Anti-Collision Early Detection Solution between vehicles and humans that addresses the safety requirements of civil, commercial and industrial construction industries. 

A Real time AI-Vision based platform which can be extended to advanced analytics with distributed Edge and Cloud based solutions


"LivNSense-iSense4i platform empowers enterprises to harness power of cloud computing, Big data, analytics and machine learning to extract insights from machines, process and instrumentation data and mine out unusual values, which can be again extended as business KPI driven software applications.

Its seamless integration with Plant IT and OT enabled quick deployment and proved game changer in sucessfully delivering software solutions to various petro-chem customers.

Amit Limaye
Head – Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformations
at Ingenero

“LivNSense has been our innovation partner for digital factory initiatives since pasty one year. This encompass a strong domain led team in IIoT with a deep understanding of Industry4.0 concepts, quick adoption across buisness use cases from sensor to cloud and are able to bring out innovative IoT solutions which are reliable and secured to help our cusotmers improve machine utilization, efficiency, operator productivity, safety and predictive maintenance.

We at Leadec Industrial Services are happy to embark on a digital journey with LivNSense to offer value added solutions to our customers.”

Sudhir Gurtoo
Managing Director at Leadec India.

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Our Partners

LivNSense is proud of successfully partnering with organizations that share in our mission of Industrial AI led
Transformations and provide Cognitive Insights,Higher Efficiency, Enhanced Value and Predictive Safety by leveraging digital technologies.

Our joint efforts aim to bring not only the best services to you today but also to help you reap future benefits through our sustainable solutions.

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