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Our state-of-the-art solutions are powered by iSense4i™

What is iSense4i™?

iSense4i™ is a cloud-agnostic Industrial IoT Platform with on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployment options. It leverages batch and streaming data with a plug-in-based messaging layer, powerful data crunching capabilities, and rules engine to customize data and deliver revolutionary insights for the industry.

The platform also provides cross-functional insights and predictive foresight by creating “live digital twins” of the collected data along with the economic impact assessment of every current or potential anomaly.

4i stands for its four key features:

Intelligent Industrial Platform – This platform collects and analyzes data from multiple devices including legacy systems. 

Interactive Intelligent – It gives insights into industrial assets and processes where the system can recognize and identify various formats of data to support application interfaces.

Immersive – The micro-services led architecture supports high performance, scalable and adaptable systems.

Intuitive – It provides solutions based on cognitive intelligence, data knowledge catalog Intelligent Asset Diagnostics. 

More about iSense4i™

  • Breakdown the value chain with extreme Domain Focus
  • Measure Solution Success by Business Outcome of Customer
  • Integrate Smart Products with existing Technology
  • Target New Services with Cost-Optimization Goals
  • Automate Extensively (no human intervention)
  • Over $50 Billion is lost annually due to unplanned downtime
  • Process Manufacturing is largely inefficient due to lacking digitization initiatives
  • Less than 10% data gets used for Performance improvement
  • Aging Furnaces leading to lower yield
  • Lacking strategy to leverage IoT and AI tools
  • Lower throughput due to process variability and OEE losses across furnace value chain
  • Lack of maintenance for uptime maximization
  • Interactive Digital twins – Real time furnace optimization
  • SMARTEDGE Connectors – Leverage Native DCS/SCADA system through seamless integration
  • Soft Sensors – Real Time Production Data Acquisition
  • Smart Furnace – predictive Analytics for high performance and advance preparations
  • Early Warning Systems – Real time decisions and actions
  • AI Led Operations – Reinforced Learning models and Real Time simulation

Why should you choose our “out of the box” solutions?

LivNSense solutions are uniquely crafted to tackle various domains of industries.



AI-Led Real Time Furnace Optimizer

1 %
Lower Emissions
1 %
Lesser Energy Usage

Real Time Process Optimization

Lower Operating Cost
higher utilization rate

Real Time Augmented Safety 4.0 Platform

Times Fewer Recordable Process Incidents

Real Time Energy Efficiency Management

Higher availability
Lesser maintenance costs

These are our Solutions

Read the following sections for more details on our Solutions!

  • Coke Drum 
  • Overhead PDI calculation
  • HGI 
  • Outage Prediction
  • LBT – Live benchmarking
  • Furnace
  • Clean TMT % Runlength
  • Dynamic benchmarking

iSense4Oil™ – Cognitive Furnace4.0 platform

iSense4i™ ™ led Real time monitoring of plant performance, process optimization and predictive maintenance of Blast Furnaces with innovative features for deeper analysis into assets reliability, performance and dynamic benchmarking.

The solution with its unique “Connector As A Service” can connect to multiple historians for real-time data acquisition. The solution can reduce costs of maintenance by Predicting Plant Efficiency and Revenues Losses to help maximize the productivity and cut down on losses.

  • IoT/AI Platform for assets reliability, health monitoring and predictive maintenance for O&G and Chemical industries
  • ProcessOptimizer4i – Real Time Process Optimization, Deviation Tracking and Plant Performance Monitoring 
  • EquimentOptimizer4i – Real Time Dynamic Benchmarking, Instruments Drift, Equipment Health Monitoring
  • FurnaceOtimizer4i – Customized AI/ML modules for complex use case like Furnace Run Length Prediction, TMT Analysis, Carbon Deposition Analysis and Furnace Section Optimizer 
  • Quick deployable on to cloud as well as to on-premise server
  • LBT – Live benchmarking
  • Dynamic benchmarking
  • Performance Tracker
  • Equipment health
  • Instrument Drift
  • Deviation Tracker 
  • Performance Tracker

WELDSENSE™ – Renovating Welding Machines


WELDSENSE is aimed at helping the industries move from an ‘automation centric production’ to a ‘knowledge-centric production’. It creates value through machine learning insights – insight into WPS compliant welding quality, production/efficiency, personnel qualifications, consumables, and much more.

WELDSENSE is an IP Led end-to-end Smart Welding Management solution for OEMs and Manufacturing Units addressing the complete Value Chain, from Sensors to Outcome for Welding equipment. 

It provides cost effective solution to acquire data straight from disparate machines in Real-time, comprising of Hardware (Sensors, Gateways), IoT Platform software, Predictive Analytics to Visualization.

  • Live Equipment monitoring of welding equipment usage, Consumables, Efficiency and Weld Process
  • Real time Weld Quality analysis produced under different operating conditions
  • Proactive Quality Alerts leading to low rejections and Improved Quality Control 
  • Equipment utilization efficiency and utilization status on real-time basis
  • Prediction for Consumables and Welding Quality to reduce repair cost
  • Machine Learning for Predicting Asset health, Performance and Reliability
  • Energy Optimization and Monitoring
  • Welder’s Skills Analysis leading to Improved Productivity
  • End to End view of WPS welding process
  • Enhanced safety and Compliance for Industrial Safety
  • Solution helps in Avoiding Inefficiencies and Reduces Waste
  • Operational Cost Optimization and equipment performance 
  • Predictive Analytics and remote Diagnostics – for bidirectional control and feedback
  • Welding is a part of almost 90% of all manufacturing processes! It is critical and in fact, one of the fundamental technologies which builds the base of manufacturing. Often this base is weakened due to the following reasons:
    • Low-skilled welders 
    • Low Visibility in Operations
    • Process Compliance driven by WPS
    • Quality Assurance Issues

    WELDSENSE™ offers to strengthen the base of your manufacturing process by revolutionizing Welding techniques through an effective digital transformation. 
  • Automotive
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Railways
  • Shipping
  • OEMs
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • System Integrators

WELDSENSE™ bridges the gap between “automation centric production” and “knowledge centric production.”. This means it enables you to measure and predict the vitals of your process to let you act accordingly in advance!

The solution addresses the following challenges faced by the Construction Industry:

    • Human object detection and collision prevention
    • Proximity detection
    • Breach Detection in Security Alarm Management
    • Improved Safety Compliance
    • Reduction of Workplace accidents / loss of Life  
    • Project delays / Productivity loss due to accident investigations 
    • Accident Compensation and Insurance Premiums
  • Automotive OEMs
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Mineral Ports
  • Logistics


VICAS™ is a Safety led comprehensive Anti-Collision Early Detection Solution between vehicles and humans that addresses the safety requirements of civil, commercial and industrial construction industries.  

The solution with its unique “Connector As A Service” can connect to multiple historians for real-time data acquisition. The solution can reduce costs of maintenance by Predicting Plant Efficiency and Revenues Losses to help maximize the productivity and cut down on losses.

  • Early Warning System to driver avoids Collisions / Accidents
  • Human and Non-Human Object Detection 
  • Mitigate Blind Zone risks 
  • Worker Safety – Identifying PPE Metrics
  • Track moving objects in real time
  • Track Humans with Proximity Detection
  • Predictive Accident Alert 
  • Multiple Use cases of Scenario Monitoring 
  • Improved Productivity 
  • Enhanced Company Safety Score leading to better reputation
  • Integrated Predictive Analytics Solution in Cloud for Near Hits/Misses
  • Analytics data on driver Safety record
  • Reduced accident compensation, lawsuits and lower Insurance premiums


COVID-19 Vision based Intelligent Predictive Safety Platform for COVID-19 prevention and re-transmission at workplace.

Driving a Profitable Business Post COVID-19 is still possible!

LivNSense has been working on the forefront to support industries with a seamless platform to combat the post-pandemic world.

  • Remote work is not possible for manufacturing workforce
  • The health vitals of employees go undetected until too late resulting in premises shutdown
  • Wrong health parameter data entries 
  • Malfunctioning handheld thermometers
  • Security personnel fatigue / exposure risk due to manual checks
  • Misplaced or lost records/data
  • Retracing contacts / path of an infected COVID-19 worker
  • Analyzing the health history immediately and transmission prevention
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Entertainment
  • Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Real Estate/IT Parks
  • Transport (Airports, Metro, Railway)
  • AI Vision based Intelligent Predictive Safety Platform for COVID-19
  • Compact Real-Time Safety Platform with Context Detection
  • Tracing employees from Containment Zones
  • Temperature Mapping to identified Employee
  • Face recognition based employee detection and recognition
  • PPE gear identification and PPE Compliance at Point of Entry
  • Integrated Employee Safety and Compliance Analytics using Web Based Application
  • Monitoring Social Encounters at shared areas (Cafeteria, Conference Rooms, Assembly Area)
  • Real-Time data processing and Alerts for COVID-19 safety protocol breaches
  • Predict Potential High Risk Zones within premises
  • Cloud storage and safety of records/data 
  • Predictive COVID-19 Audit and Safety Risks Assessment

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