LivNSense offers an Industrial IoT Platform with Digital Twins, GreenOps™ that converts continuous and discrete process industries with standard OT/Electronic systems into a Cognitive Living Equipment and is an enabler for the “SMART Factory of Future”. GreenOps™ leverages batch and streaming data with a plug-in-based messaging layer, powerful data crunching capabilities, and rules engine to customize data and deliver revolutionary insights for the industry.The platform brings a unique combination of Sensors and AI Vision based technologies along with a suite of custom AI/ML/DL libraries for Industry 4.0 to solve complex business problems and offer cost & profit drivers to optimize conversion economics (Cost, Quality, Efficiency) with “Health, Safety & Environment- HSE First” approach.

The platform also provides cross-functional insights and predictive foresight by creating “live digital twins” of the collected data along with the economic impact assessment of every current or potential anomaly. Thecloud-agnostic platform is available with on-premises, hybrid and cloud deployment options.


Digitalization helps Pharmaceutical industry overcome challenges related to Continuous Process Manufacturing and Verification, Process deviations, Process Interruptions (power outage, equipment failure, etc) – all of which can result in bad batch which can be fatal on the health of the patient and can lead to regulatory violations resulting in heavy penalties.


iSense4i™ led AI based Real time monitoring of plant performance, process optimization and predictive maintenance of Furnaces with innovative features for deeper analysis into assets reliability, performance and dynamic benchmarking leading to Yield Improvement.

The solution with its unique “Connector As A Service” can connect to multiple historians for real-time data acquisition. The solution can reduce costs of maintenance by Predicting Plant Efficiency and Revenues Losses to help maximize the productivity and cut down on losses.

Prevent unwanted events with key features of Furnace Cognitive Analysis (FCA), Adaptive analysis, Furnace Residual tracking, TLE Control Analysis, Ethylene Outcome prediction, Predictive Furnace Run Length, Predictive Carbon deposition analysis, Compressor Process optimization, Chemical Fractionator Efficiency, Quench Tower optimization, Cognitive Equipment analysis, SmartEdge (AI Based Plug & Play Connectors for DCS, Historians, PLCs), Vibration Based Condition Monitoring (Predictive Maintenance for Motors, Pumps), Predictive Health Monitoring for Process and Utility Instruments and Real-Time Mobile/Web based notifications.

Target Industry
Refinery, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Lifesciences, Pharmaceutical


WELDSENSE  is an IP Led end-to-end Smart Welding Management solution for OEMs, Fabrication and Manufacturing Units addressing the complete Value Chain, from Sensors to Outcome for Welding equipment. It provides cost effective solution to acquire data straight from disparate machines in Real-time, comprising of Hardware (Sensors, Gateways), IoT Platform software, Predictive Analytics to Visualization.

WELDSENSE is aimed at helping the industries move from an ‘automation centric production’ to a ‘knowledge-centric production’. It creates value through machine learning insights – insight into WPS compliant welding quality, production/efficiency, personnel qualifications, consumables, and much more.

Real-time monitoring provides valuable insights into the machine uptime, real-usage, worker productivity hours, energy consumed and machine health of welding equipment on dashboard allowing for faster decision making, improving efficiency, minimizing losses and effective training programs.

Key Solution Features:
  1. Easy customizable and deployable for any kind of machines {e.g.MIG / TIG, Robotic, Spot Welding}
  2. Predictions for consumables and welding quality to reduce repaid cost
  3. Machine Learning for predicting asset health, performance and reliability
  4. Welding process cycle as per WPS and workforce skills across all stages of operation
  5. Equipment as a service warranty, Spares & Field Force Optimization
  6. Available in On Premise / Azure / GCP / Siemens / Mind Sphere Platform

Target Industry Fabrication, Automotive, Constructions, Railways, Shipping Industries


AI-based Vehicle intelligent Collision Avoidance System

VICAS™, a Safety led comprehensive Anti-Collision Early Detection Solution between vehicles and humans addresses the safety requirements in civil, commercial and industrial construction industries, logistics and warehouses and overcomes the Industry challenges of worker safety, object detection and collision prevention, PPE detection and timely alerts.

The solution comes loaded with features like Human vs Object detection, Real time Worker PPE detection,On-board Screen & Acoustic alerts for Proximity warning and Collision avoidance, Integrated Predictive Analytics solution for Near Hits/Misses, Incident capture for playback and reporting, Cloud based Incident Tracking Web dashboards, etc.

Target Industry
Constructions, Port & Logistics, Automotive OEMs, Mining


AI-based Worker intelligent Safety and Health

Intelligent AI Vision based Safety Platform for Pandemic Prevention and Control and Response Management Solution

An efficient way to handle a pandemic situation on a large scale with Highly secured data and end-to-end Edge to Cloud security. WiSH is powered by Intel Intelligent Edge Platform [MyriadX] and LivNSense AI Platform, GreenOps™ offering advanced analytics with distributed Edge and Cloud based solutions by use of AI-model based reinforced learning model for tracking of high-risk zones / hot spots.

The Real-time AI Vision based integrated Safety Platform includes dynamic Face detection (with or without masks), QR /RFID code / Wearables based ID detection, mapping of body temperature, PPE gears compliance, Crowd detection, Contact tracing for Safety of workers and resumption of work premises.

The data collected allows for Real Time decision making and generates immediate alerts whether to allow or restrict access based on meeting all pandemic safety requirements. The System boasts of advanced AI algorithm for predictive safety features like risk assessment.

Real-time analytics assists in taking preventive measures and appropriate actions for isolating and assisting the individual to health care facility and sanitizing the work area swiftly.