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Who we are!

Our Passion

LivNSense endeavour is to help manufacturing companies to manage their assets efficiently, improve worker productivity and optimize processes. LiviNSense has differentiated itself in bringing the ability to solve complex business problems and offer cost & revenues maximization drivers to impact business economics for manufacturing industry.


4i stands for its four key features:

Intelligent Industrial Platform – This platform collects and analyzes data from multiple devices including legacy systems.

Interactive Intelligent – It gives insights into industrial assets and processes where the system can recognize and identify various formats of data to support application interfaces.

Immersive – The micro-services led architecture supports high performance, scalable and adaptable systems.

Intuitive – It provides solutions based on cognitive intelligence, data knowledge catalog Intelligent Asset Diagnostics.

Furthermore, the platform also provides cross-functional insights and predictive foresight by creating “live digital twins” of the collected data along with the economic impact assessment of every current or potential anomaly.

Our Solutions

LivNSense’s Industry 4.0
solutions are enabled by iSense4i™ platform (Sensors to Insights) to cut across manufacturing industries with a key focus in Automotive and Process Manufacturing.

The company’s IP led solutions are built on in-house developed IIoT platform – iSense4i™ which is provided with on-premises, hybrid, or cloud deployment options with faster time to market and higher ROI to manufacturers. Its solutions are scalable, highly secure and robust that helps improve machine utilization, efficiency, operator productivity, and safety. The platform employs the latest in converging technologies like Mobility, Cloud, AI/ML, Data Science, and Sensors.

iSense4i™ is LivNSense Industry 4.0 Platform that not only plays a mission critical role in managing manufacturing and production operations, but also opens up a host of Digital Revenue streams like OEMs, MROs andnEPCs with the help of comprehensive in-built use case libraries.

Our Values

At LivNSense, we live by the following values:

  • Strive to enable safe working environment for every single person who falls under the value chain!
  • Helps bring significant cost reduction! 
  • Provide tools to maximise productivity and increase efficiency!

Our vision is to enable Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for industries with Predictive Analytics and Safety 4.0

Meet Core Team

Senior Business Leader from NIT-D with 25+ years of core expertise in Embedded, AI and IoT with experience in creating multi-million pursuits.


Priyanka Kumar

Founder & Director

A delivery leader from NIT-D with 20+ years of experience in managing Digital and AI led products/solutions at leading IT company, Wipro Technologies.

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Ajatshatru Singh

Director - Engineering

Senior Engineering Leader from NIT-J with 25+ Years of expertise in Embedded, Industrial and IoT with past experience at OEMs - Huawei and Bosch.

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Our Partners

LivNSense is proud of successfully partnering with organizations that share in our mission of Industrial AI led Transformations and provide Cognitive Insights, Higher Efficiency, Enhanced Value and Predictive Safety by leveraging digital technologies. Our joint efforts aim to bring not only the best services to you today but also to help you reap future benefits through our sustainable solutions.

LivNSense in collaboration with Siemens MindSphere is helping to digitize the manufacturing value chain by providing secure and scalable IIoT solutions. Our focus on domain knowledge and design thinking led approach coupled with our expertise on MindSphere is helping clients improve utilization, efficiency, productivity and safety of their industrial assets and workforce.

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